Sunday, May 1, 2011

MayDay, MayDay!

I spent a solid three days of the last week out in "the field" as the environmental workers call it. Sure, that means I'm out in the sun, exploring strange unique and sometimes even picturesque places, which would seemingly be a lot more strenuous than sitting at a desk. But that is not so. Because it's really just a lot of driving, then walking, then standing, then driving again.

On top of that, restaurants in the central coast of California are not necessarily known for their healthy living fare, and having a hefty per diem budget is a bad temptation indeed. I've enjoyed my yearly intake of steak in the last week and have retipped the scale at 198 Saturday morning.

My colleague Greg - a jolly man in his late 50s with wandering eye of a 14 year old - found it in himself to enjoy his steaks and potatoes, but spend an hour at the free gym offered by the hotel. And even managed to watch the Royal Wedding live. I languished in bed during these morning hours, sleeping in and waking up to AMC still playing, then rolling into our sampling van after a free continental breakfast. And this is how he maintains his youthful outlook - constant vigilance and adherence to the plan.

The rehab begins this weekend with an ocean swim and a few mile runs with the dog, along with lots of leafy green vegetables. But we're now at one month to go before our actual event begins. No more slip ups can be accepted. No more prolonged periods to cool off. At this point, there needs to be a concerted hour plus of effort per day. I can only hope that I stick to the schedule and shirk nothing.

Your helpful hint for the final month - Greg's oatmeal waffles. Take your typical waffle batter, take either cooked or a packet of instant oatmeal, and add any raisiny type items you can find. Mix well. Then throw the new thicker batter into the waffle griddle and cook. Voila, you have a healthier protein and fiber rich breakfast that's less of the glucose rush that your plain waffle would have been.

Ideal for your local hotel hot waffle bar!.

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