Thursday, May 5, 2011

5/4 and 5/5 - A retraction and Cinco De Mayo is Numero Uno

Wednesday and Thursday continued in the running of the Sparky an average of 28 blocks. It was on Wednesday afternoon that I learned, and must now report, that my previous workout was not "Rockin' Model Workout" but indeed "Total Body Workout" which I think is actually trademarked by Body By Jake.

[ed note: almost]

So Wednesday Amber and I drive to the gym to try to get into a spinning class. We are too late. Let us instead try to go to the real Rockin' Model Workout, I decide. And this .... cannot happen.

There are no men whatsoever. There is no room whatsoever either. It is jam packed with what are most likely actresses. And it should more appropriately be called TEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAASE.

That is to say, the exercises are comprised of yoga moves and calisthenics that may as well be in Carmen Electra's videos. After watching the class go from child pose (butt in the air) to lifting from your abs to go straight up on your knees (lolololz) to a modified macarena (cross hands to your hips then hands straight in the air and sway your shoulders) and then repeat the motion, we left chortling and worked out at the pool.

Today I ran the dog once again and then went to a class called ViPR, not to be confused with the character in that game Ray and I played on my Thai roommate's PS2 during M.Eng. I was again prepared for more torture on my core and back. But lo and behold, it was I that mastered the class. Of the 10 women, 1 50 year-old guy, and 1 Eliza Dushku lookalike, and even the instructor herself, I was the best in the class. I kept up with the pliometric activities. I pushed through all the squats. And even when the instructor had to stop for a breather on the pushups, there I was keeping the time. When she asked "who is OK with abs for the last 10 minutes" and I raised my hand, she exasperatedly said "of course you're OK with it." Now for a first time class, that is a victory.

Anyway, this two-a-day mini-workout is doing great for mental and physical capacity. Although I think I'm just as flabby (by the metrics) as I was a month ago. But it is about velocity, not position! Where we are going, and not where we are! Let us cap the week off with another hour-long burn workout!

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