Friday, April 22, 2011


1 hour spinning class with the crazy Boston townie instructor. Has helped drop an additional pound as a result.

Followed by 15 min of stretching and 30 push ups.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


1 hour spinning class at the gym. Moderate but not excessive workout.

Hit the snooze on today's alarm and thus did not go to swimming.

Now down to 192.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The month that was - Loux

After several weeks of probably net neutral activity, Amber's Long Form Birth Certificate Long Course Triathlon Training Program has helped me improve dramatically over the last week - although I'm still well in the 190s for weight.

Each day has involved at least 1 hour of biking running or swimming, including some crazy ab workout taught and predominantly executed by "the women who never talk to you" at Equinox last Sunday. Today we will be doing some hike in the big bear mountains for altitude training. Good to be posting again. Keep up the fight.

Did you know:
So there are several rope climbing stations at the Santa Monica Muscle Beach. Some are taller than others, which I assumed was meant to be "level 1 rope" and "level 2 rope" courses. Not so. The shorter ropes, which are actually about 3 feet apart, are meant to be climbed by having you grab one rope with each arm, then inch your way up while hanging in the iron cross for the entire trek up the rope. I saw it on Thursday. I could not do a smidgen of this. And I can only get up the tall rope that is taut and makes sure you don't flail as you start your climb.

Did you also know: Scouts report that many Tough Mudder participants are not that in shape. This is somewhat understandable - if this largely appeals to the drunken fraternity brother in all of us, how in shape were we at our most drunken and fraternal moments. Verily, we surpass the weekend warrior. Let this not be cause for rest and confidence, but only more inspiration to beat the field and get to do the survival course for free.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More to Come

After a vacation that resulted in more hiking/climbing/walking than I have ever done in my life I feel ready to begin training in full. More detail to come.