Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Pictorial History of SoCal Tough Mudder 2011 - Sunday Edition

With great fanfare and limited commentary - the story of the three unwise men!

 Pondering - What is the saddest thing?

Pre-Race Posing by Phil
Reason #264 why I cannot run for public office

Chris and Debbie

Shoving off to Parts Unknown

A fine look at Chris's UnderArmor Physique and my Blue Mohawk

Our ladies in waiting

Not pictured: Incoming snowstorm, 7000 foot elevation, and sub-zero temperature

Dotingly pining for their heroes

They arrive! To scale the wire!

Guest appearance by chilled snowmaking pond

The trick here is to have someone on both ends holding the two ropes steady while the guys traverse across it. This worked for Phil.

The lack of such a counterbalance worked for me up until this point.

Climbed and jumped off this.

Me in the front with my eyes closed

6 miles and several degrees of hypothermia later...we arrive!

Oh no wait the last obstacle of high voltage wires!

(This...this is the saddest thing)


Victory Protein Shakes!

Whatever point I was making, I am sure it was very eloquent.

Victory Beers!
(we don't always drink beer, and when we do, it's usually with a core temp above the low 90s and on days above 32 deg F, but when it is free, we drink whatever)
Last 2 weeks - been working on keeping up with a routine daily exercise, and have kept myself around 190. The abdominals are finally beginning to show definition. Keep up the fight.