Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5/2 and 5/3 Rock the party that rocks the body body

Efforts have been redoubled and improvements have been seen. A two pronged attack has helped retain motivation over the last several days - the first of which is setting aside at least 30 minutes of lunch to run Sparky the 3-legged dog to help that count towards an hour's worth of daily exercise and the second of which is Amber pulling a half-hearted Lysistrata routine should I fall off the wagaon again.

Monday worked out very well - with the run allowing me to stay late at work with the assumption that I would not do so on Tuesday. I finished the day up with pushups and situps.

Tuesday found me not getting out of work by 5:30 and not having my clothes ready for a 6:00 gym class, meaning that my next option would be the "Rockin' Model Workout" Having been to several classes primarily meant for college girls, women wishing to look like college girls, and ogling men that end up kicking your tail, I felt somewhat ready for the task at hand. Work some set of core muscles for an hour, do some cario, be sore and sweaty. This was not the case. The intensity was ever-present and the routines kept shifting from pliometrics to cardio moves to weights and back again, all while killing every muscle group you could imagine. You had no time to ogle. Ogling would take too much effort away from air gulping.  I felt fortunate to have someone actually lend me their station - which had an 18 lb bar and two sets of 8 and 12 lb dumbbells. Worst mistake of my life. By the time we got to the Triple-H style slow-motion lateral raises after 10 other sets of exercises, I was damn near crying. The trainer (a male who looks like the pony-tailed Gazelle infomercial man, which saved my ego somewhat more than an unbelievably fit woman with a gaze of steel) twice asked if I was ok, which I don't think was unique but I can't be sure.

I figure that if I'm paying for the gym and the gym can make me P90X for a good hour plus, I should hit these classes as often as possible. With an improved diet, I'm finally moving in the right weight direction again. Whether I can attain something reasonable with mere weeks to go is still up for debate.

In other news: The race is now sold out for the first day. Though we are going the second day, it's quite likely we'll have a full crowd on hand in addition to our girlfriends and wives. Let this be more inspiration - to not look bad in front of lots of strangers.

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