Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3/7 - Loux

No workouts of merit today. A weekend of snowshoeing and skiing did help the training.

Of note in the "learn to withstand pain" category, I got hit by a car on my bike yesterday. Pitch dark nearing 8 p.m. with small blinky lights on the front and back of the bike. I assumed that the car - some 30 feet away from the stop sign at 12th and California - would indeed stop and let my bike go through. But it was not to be. So I jammed on the brakes and swerved, thus avoiding a more serious crash and managing only a stinger on my elbow. The bike, miraculously, was unscathed. So remarkably, all no big deal and I can now chalk up bike-car crash survivor on my resume.

In short, Santa Monica can bike lane itself 'till the cows come home but it needs to choke the life out of LA's car culture first and foremost. Next up on the workout regimen is runaway bus dodging.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Loux - March 3

About a mile of biking and walking with the dog
Gym -
5 sets (10, 10, 10, 8, 6) of bench - 135
2 sets of 10 1-leg squats with a 10-lb weight
2 sets of 15 lawnmower starters with 10 and 25-lb weight
2 sets of 15 leg extension 60-lbs
2 sets of 10 situps with the semi-circle
2 sets of 10 lat pulls (weights not remembered)

New Rule:
Baja Fresh, while right beneath my office, is not a good choice for your lunch options. Some burritos are guilty pleasures meant to slow you down for the day. Others are healthy enough to keep you going. Baja Fresh offers the semblance of a healthy alternative (light fish filets! no sour cream! avocados!) but still ends up ruining your day. To further detract from the experience, only one of the free salsas is palatable by itself. I spend most of the workout counteracting what I ate.

A pure diet is key. One cannot have an extra five pounds of middle when slogging up the mountain. Therefore, when hunger strikes at work, I must utilize fruits or pistachio snacks and use the home kitchen for lunches.

Brothers of the Evolution
CM Punk
WWE Wrestler, straight edge life style purveyor, and master of the put-down tweet. After making fun of Shawne Merriman for trying to hit on the WWE wrestling girls and failing, Merriman retorted. And then Punk would achieve greatness by winning with words:

@shawnemerriman if you could get to a QB as fast as you ran after our divas maybe you'd make headlines being a pro bowler and not a creep.

Let it be a reminder is not our goal to be the biggest,  nor the strongest, nor the fastest. For reaching too far in such a direction may lead to Buffalo.

The Adventure Begins

And so, our team of three (so far) set out to accomplish that which only fraternity pledges would do on a seven-beer dare - to complete the Los Angeles Tough Mudder course.

With things like fire hoses, bonfires, and electrical shocks in addition to a seven mile run and climb, preparing one's body as well as soul is critical.

This blog, the Orestes Project, serves to catalog exercises of all stripes team members take in preparation for the event. It is named after the greek hero Orestes, who is often portrayed as being plagued by madness and obtains purification through a trial of hardship by going up a mountain. It is madness that binds us all in our decision to undertake the task at hand, purification of mind and body being the prize we all seek, and the Big Bear Mountain Range being the location upon which we will make our stand.

I figured that this blog, similarly to my friend Zlisto's Quest for Perfection blog that he used to document workout routines, give nod to paragons to which he aspired, and his occasional glazed doughnut binges, would help us keep all stay on track. So record, wax poetic, and share your comments.